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    Benny ‘The Jet’ Swanson

    Benny Swanson purchased Panther Gym in 2001. After working to overcome great hardship in his teenage years to become a professional boxer, Benny went on to have a successful career but still battled intense rage and …

  • Coach

    Sterling ‘Coach’ Craig

    If Benny Swanson is the father of Panther Gym, Coach is the Grandfather. With over 50 years of experience in the sport of boxing, Coach brings an in-depth knowledge of ‘the sweet science’ as well …

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    Paul ‘P-Mac’ Mackenzie

    Coming out of retirement to reignite his pro career, Paul has all the tools and talent to make it to the very top. His nemesis is his struggle with weight and through training with Coach …

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    Ben ‘Gadget’ Alvarez

    Ben Alvarez emigrated from Chile to Edmonton at age 14. Coming from a childhood of poverty, uncertainty and a ‘survival of the fittest’ mentality, Ben not only has the heart to survive in the ring, …

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    Daithi Duignan

    Irish expatriate Daithi Duignan originally came to Canada for work, but is now finding his biggest challenge is yet to come. Taking up boxing to stay in shape, Daithi immediately became addicted to the sport. …

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    Pollyanna Hardwicke-Brown

    Approaching 50, Pollyanna was looking for a new challenge in life. Deciding to take up the sport of boxing, she wasn’t sure where it would lead her but soon found that the sport was able …

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